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WEB DESIGN // Online Presence

We use WIX to deploy quick, but highly functional and affordable sites (just like this one). We typically approach web design in the same way we approach print design - the goal is to make it look great and make it work well. The WIX online platform is so flexible it gives us the option to train our clients in its use, or maintain it on their behalf. We can truly give you an online presence that will represent you or your company well and be aesthetically pleasing.

Print & Mail Concepts

As you may or may not know, I am a Product Manager/Graphic Designer in the print industry by day and website designer extroidoinaire by night. Print & Mail Concepts hired me to oversee production and marketing among other things. So, one of the first things that had to be done was the website. While as of January 2015 it is still a work in progress, it is nearing completion and is so much better than it was before. Our customers our able to view the products that we offer, request custom quotes online, see some of our work, send us large files and much more. This has been a fun project and in my opinion it will prove to be very rewarding from a marketing standpoint. Feel free to take a look for yourself.


Vergo Virtual Office

Verlynn, owner/operator of VerGo Virtual Office came to me by way of referral. She was a pleasure to work with and her site came out great! She provides virtual office solutions for small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, or anyone who simply needs help with prioritizing and managing their business. She's just starting out and I think she is going to do great! If you happen to be in need of her services, I strongly urge you to click on the link below and contact her.


Royal Mattress

Royal Mattress is a company in Covina, CA that makes quality mattresses for Residential, Hospitality and even for Model Homes. They are the real deal. First of all, their products are made right here in the U.S. and when it comes to manufacturing, that's pretty commendable. They needed a fully functional PHP site with a back-end that their customers could login and view prices, as well as other special features. This was a very involved project and it required a good amount of programming. This a great step for me as a designer being able to offer sites that are as custom and dynamic as this site. I worked with an awesome programmer on this site and we hit it out of the park. So, if you need something beyond your basic "online presence" don't be scared,  hit a brotha up.


Intentional Integrity

Dave Denstaedt has been an educator and trainer in the field of Sales professionals for decades. He has recently started his own training company after having been the sales trainer for Nestle Water. He needed a site that would inform people of the services he offered as well as give them an avenue by which to contact him and inquire about his training. He hired me to design his logo, develop his branding, print his letterhead and business cards and build his website. Dave saw the value in sparing no expense when it came to his company's image and he is a professional salesman. So if that doesn't say something about how important this stuff is, I don't know what possibly could.


Azusa House of Prayer

This is a site built for AZHOP, The Azusa House of Prayer in yep, you guessed it - Azusa, CA. They needed a site that incorporated two easy to manage Schedules/Calendars as well as several cloud based Sermon Note options and easy recording/uploading of sermons. Then of course there's all of the typical info that any site would require that helps visitors get a feel for what it's like at AZHOP and what they are up to. All in all, and I think they would agree, it was a success.


You can click the link below to visit


Aspen Leaf Kitchens, LTD.

Aspen Leaf Kitchens. This was a very in-depth project that took a lot of time and even more effort. However, it was almost easy. Not easy in terms of the work, but easy in terms of the direction. When I am able to build a website for a company I believe in, my job is easier. These guys are hands down the best custom kitchen cabinet company in the Denver market if not in the United States. Because of their high quality and impeccable customer service, it was enjoyable to build a website that represented them. Some of the photos of these kitchens would make ANY website look amazing, but I had the honor of putting it all together.

You can click the link below to visit


DRZY Guitars

Alex Drzyn@#$%... ok, so I can't remember how to spell his last name. Anyway, DRZY (much easier) is the best guitar tech I've ever personally used. He made my 12-year old Martin Guitar sound like it was brand new. He had an awesome little setup in Grandview, MO which he had to close once the music shop next door closed its doors. Right at that time I had finished his website which was a bummer because it came out pretty cool.


Click the link below to view a backup version of his site. It contains some ads because it's no longer paid for, but in an attempt to show it off anyway, I’ll live with the ads.


Click the link below to view a backup version of his site. It's got some ads on it because it's no longer paid for. So in an attempt to show it off anyway, I'll live with the ads.


SPH Designs

SPH Designs is a cool company that makes beautiful hope chests. If you don't know what a hope chest is, then you're probably not old. What's even cooler than these well designed and built furniture pieces is the mission behind them. A portion of the proceeds from each custom piece is donated to help in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis.


Hurley Christin

Hurley Christin is a Christian recording artist. She has a very unique voice and style. Her music is very well written and she has a decent following as well. She has opened for the likes of 'Rend Collective Experiment" which is kind of a big deal. Check out her site and even better yet, buy something in the shopping cart (which we also put together for her).


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