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These are some of my most recent projects. From full websites to promotional materials to large format print projects. This is what I have been up to most recently. Feel free to view more of my portfolio by clicking the links in the menu up top.




I'm a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Musician and Worship Leader among many other things. I have been in the design industry for over 10 years. I work on projects for clients around the country and even around the world. Having sold my business in 2012, I am now working as a freelance designer. I love what I do and I love stepping back to look at a well designed final product.

I design for all types of projects. From Logo design and Brand Identities to print design and layout. I'm experienced in all formats large and small. I'm a WIX PRO and I love creating beautiful, simple websites that don't break the bank and can be maintained by my clients once finished. I also strive to finish projects as quickly as possible, usually in one to two weeks...If not sooner.

When I approach a design I love to receive input from my clients. From there I take that input and get right to work. The more info I receive up front, the smoother the process will run. I love simplicity and I am a minimalist. With the design world being so saturated these days, part of designing a successfull project is keeping it simple. People are tired of having to search; so I try and design things that help them find.

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