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Bobby & Rachel Taylor - Album Art

Bobby & Rachel Taylor are great friends of mine and I used to play electric and bass guitar on their worship team in Kansas City, MO. They have an interesting heritage in that, Rachel is the daughter of Keith and Melody Green. Now, Keith Green is widely accepted as one of the best Christian Artists of all time given is awesome work and his music that was so impacting in the 70's. The heartbreak that was brought on by his untimely death in 1982 was felt nationwide and even around the globe.

Bobby and Rachel have been writing songs together and praying for the right time to do something with their music. In 2012 they felt the release to begin working on a project. The heart driving the project is to make songs available to the local church, for the local church. Songs that we can all sing together. It was also on their hearts to do a few of Rachel’s dad’s songs and to make them a little more congregational, tying together the generations with this great heritage.

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